Sorry for my absence

Hello readers. I beg your pardon for not updating this website. I have been busy lately. Between my last post and today’s post there has been a lot of developments which I think I am going to describe you now. One of our classmates got married in Bhubaneswar and another in Bouda. And in between these two marriages we doctors held a strike for increment of stipend. To my delight we increased the stipend to Rs 8600 from a mere Rs 5000. This increased stipend is highest in the whole country. I along with other delegates from our hospital went to the Finance Minister of Orissa Mr Prafulla Ghadei. He gave us assurance that our demands were going to be fulfilled as soon as possible.

In the meantime as I have told already in this blog that I along with my friends have opened a new website. This new website is far from being complete. It has had hardly any articles or any content. At times I think it is a better idea to sell it. Then at other times I am thinking about developing the website and delve into this niche. So for some days I am confused and I do believe that for some time to come I’m going to remain as confused as I am today.

Earlier this week I became the mediator in a marriage. Well actually the marriage has not occurred yet. But the tentative date has been finalised. The date is 11 June 2009. The day is a Thursday.

Well here I am signing out.

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