Voting in Odisha 2014 last phase

Indian elections are over for Odisha. This year Odisha has to choose not only the MPs but also the MLAs.  The Naveen Pattnaik govt is fighting for the 4 th term. Today in the morning I casted my vote in the nearby polling booth. In morning there were long queues in front of booths.  This time it was clear that Election Commission of India was trying to conduct a fair election.
Number one point that the EC has done was voters were supplied their booth  number and serial numbers instead of political parties. That is a very good move. The EVMs were inside cardboard covered booths. Last time these coverings were made from almost rag clothes or sarees. This time each of the booth coverings had tricolor with election commission logo in them. It was definitely a welcome relief.

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Happy Independence Day Pakistan

Happy Independence Day Pakistan and its people. May this day marks the beginning of a happy and prosperous co-habitation with all of your neighbors, well that includes India. As an India I do hope the situation and condition between India and Pakistan should improve and instead of fighting each other both countries should fight poverty and illiteracy. I am not advocating about fighting terrorism, simply because I believe, the main problem in the region is education and economy.

Education, Empowerment, Enlightenment
Education, Empowerment, Enlightenment

If the condition of education and economy is made better or at par with developed nations, then the huge manpower of the two nations can be utilized to bring peace and prosperity to the region.

May this crucial day bring thoughts about knowing the priorities and implementing the required measures to act in cohesion so that both countries become stronger. Needles to remind, but Together we stand and divided we fall is just what might happen, if early interventions are not taken by the youth. Let the decisions be not taken by people who have  agendas other than improvement, development and prosperity.

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