Fraud in holiday package schemes

Different types of marketing strategies have evolved in recent times. Telemarketing is very powerful and direct means of providing information and motivation to people so that they can reach out for the credit cards and shell out the money that the person on the telephone wants. Many times these are quite direct, at times not so. Today I got a telephone call from representative of country vacations. The lady on the telephone said that I have won 2 gifts. She said that it is the prize of the lucky draw outside Vishal Mall in Cuttack. Well I believed that, why shouldn’t I. I am getting a kitchen set and a holiday package for a married couple worth Rs 24,000. The offer is valid for coming seven years. I can choose a destination from four locations. They are Goa,Kerala, Shri Lanka, Indonesia. The only requirement is a married couple who will attend a session or seminar of 1 1/2 hours. I’m single. So I nominated my parents. But the last clause made me wonder why on earth they need one and half hours? I got the call when I was in hospital. At night I came to my house and searched the net. Then I found an ongoing discussion that details the fraud that this company is doing. The discussion is about how this company is luring people to pay for holiday packages that are supposed to be free gifts. Many people complain that they got similar type phone calls that they have won two gifts. But when the married couple goes for the seminar did try to convince them that they should shell out some money. Some people who just wanted the kitchen set never received it. And people who have enrolled for a bigger holiday package got poor service. Many who agreed to pay Rs 3000 never received the confirmation. In a nutshell the company is a fraud. Now my problem is that I had made some mental plannings about the visit. But the best part is I learned a lesson without making the mistake myself.

So beware of these people, you never know when you are going to get the call.

Bye for now.

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Sorry for my absence

Hello readers. I beg your pardon for not updating this website. I have been busy lately. Between my last post and today’s post there has been a lot of developments which I think I am going to describe you now. One of our classmates got married in Bhubaneswar and another in Bouda. And in between these two marriages we doctors held a strike for increment of stipend. To my delight we increased the stipend to Rs 8600 from a mere Rs 5000. This increased stipend is highest in the whole country. I along with other delegates from our hospital went to the Finance Minister of Orissa Mr Prafulla Ghadei. He gave us assurance that our demands were going to be fulfilled as soon as possible.

In the meantime as I have told already in this blog that I along with my friends have opened a new website. This new website is far from being complete. It has had hardly any articles or any content. At times I think it is a better idea to sell it. Then at other times I am thinking about developing the website and delve into this niche. So for some days I am confused and I do believe that for some time to come I’m going to remain as confused as I am today.

Earlier this week I became the mediator in a marriage. Well actually the marriage has not occurred yet. But the tentative date has been finalised. The date is 11 June 2009. The day is a Thursday.

Well here I am signing out.

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HealthHunch.Com is launched

I along with some of my friends is launching a new website dedicated to health articles. the website is named as Health Hunch. This website is a health blog. Health Hunch is backed by authors of different fields. I and my Friend Dr Sambaran Patnaik are doctors. Dr Raja Rehman is a dentist. We  three are room mates.
So this is the website Health Hunch. Visit and find out what it has in there for you. I assure you with the number of quality writers in there, you will thoroughly be entertained and informed.

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