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Yes I am a real doctor, a general practitioner to be precise. My name is Dr. Bikash Chandra Satapathy. I am writing this blog. I have different and varied interests. So I will be writing about different topics. Hence at times I may wander around the topics. I was not sure about what to write in my blog. Then when I made myself this blog, there was no other option  but to make it more medical centric. But I will write different things in this blog.

I completed my internship on 28th October 2009 after completing my MBBS from SCB Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack, Orissa, India. Now I can practice anywhere in India as I have got the medical council registration.

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  1. Good to find a Doctor who is blogging! Surprised a bit. For two reasons: Doctors are too busy to write and secondly they are not so tech savvy. But I think you’ve managed your blog quite well.
    Keep it up.

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