License to heal at last

At last I have the license to heal (practice) anywhere in India. Today I got my Permanent Registration Number 17002/2009 dated 9 November 2009. I need not apply to MCI separately. I can practice in all over India as an MBBS.

Let me describe the incident. Today i.e. on 12th November I went OCMR office near Pump House Square, BBSR. I went via Barang. Just after crossing Jayadev Vihar Square it rained. I managed to get to the OCMR Office. Got the license for which I have applied after my completion of internship on 28th October 2009. Actually it was due on 23rd of October 2009. But due to DMET, Dr PK Das’s orders we had to repeat 5days of duty as earlier this year we had gone on a strike to increase our stipend from a meager Rs5000 ($100) to Rs8640 ($175) per month.

Well then I went to I.M.S. & SUM Hospital to apply for the post of Junior Resident / Tutor. From there I returned via RasulGarh.

So that is how I became a Registered Medical Practitioner. My name is in the IMR (Indian Medical Register). But it is getting updated so you can not find my name in there. But from 1960 onwards one can find doctors from their name or registration number. Till now it has been updated up to 2007.

Hopefully when it updates 2009 we can see my name in the MCI Online database.

Have a God day

Dr Bikash

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Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

November 13th, 2009 at 2:53 am    

Congrats dude…

Shekhar sahu @ WhiteHatAndroid

December 9th, 2009 at 9:45 am    

Congratulations Doctor!

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