10 ways to get ideas for blog posts

  1. Write about Politics
    1. At anytime something is happening in regional, national and even international level. We have some information about them. So Any one can explore any news and can elaborate them and if possible can give his/her view about it. You might not know it, but your views do matter. If you are active on twitter, Facebook or any other social media, this view can snowball too. But the key thing is either you make a drastic view about a known and common problem, or you raise an obscure news with pertinent points.
  2. Write about Weather
    1. At first glance this might seem the most trivial of things to blog about. But have you ever thought about how much airtime does the weatherman/woman has for telling something mundane as the weather? The reason why I am telling you to blog about weather, is to aware others about the weather on the particular day as well as to compare the weather in relation to whole year. For example let us say you feel a certain day in summer feels quite hot. So why it could so? Think about it. Is it because, it was supposed to be or is there pollution to blame? Are there new industry or factories have come upon in your neighborhood? Reporting change in regional temperature variation is quite important in documenting regional variation of temperature in particular and seasonal variation in general.
  3. Write about Health condition
    1. This is quite easy and quite popular. The easiest to target is communicable diseases. Now because of a lot of documentaries in Netflix like Forks over Knives and Cowspiracy and Fed Up information regarding overeating is in public domain. So any one can do a little research and can come up with a quite convincing article about it too.
  4. Write about Finance
    1. Personal finance is a hot topic and each and every adult should be aware of it. But how much do you know about? What are the ways to decrease your tax liability? After President Elect Donald Trump has shown how decreasing tax liability is a feature of business acumen, many are thinking of decreasing the tax liability too. So how about an article regarding this?
  5. Write about a Movie
    1. Movies are dime a dozen and we love to watch them. Some time waste 2 hours some time we enjoy, but we can either encourage or discourage others by writing a review about it.
  6. Write about a Book
    1. The reasoning and explanation given for movies hold true for books too. So go ahead apply that too.
  7. Write about a TV serial
    1. This is an ongoing ordeal. Be it Game of thrones which is going on or it is Breaking Bad, which has stopped, but a series of reviews can come from it, analyzing each episodes or reviewing individual seasons can also be another approach. Do whatever you feel as right.
  8. Write about Children
    1. The most important people in anyone’s’ life are children. About education of children, about the food that they eat, the games that they play are equally important for them as well as for us being responsible parents too.
  9. Write about Religion
    1. You could a religious person, an atheist or even an agnostic, but you have a view point, so go ahead, speak your heart out.
  10. Write about Writing
    1. See what I am doing. It is the same thing. You could do the same or even write about the grammar or how to write a novel, grade paper or composition. All are welcome.

So thats it. These are my list of 10 ways to get ideas for blog posts.

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