Medical blogs that changed plans for my blog

Yeah you read it right. After my last post, I searched the net about blogs by doctors. I came up many blogs. This is just a list.

When I went to these blogs the first thing I did was to subscribe their feeds. Many blogs are on blogger. The thing that was very common among them is their medical or dental related topics. Now this was what I was thinking to do to my blog. Then I tried to find about their number of subscribers.  They were getting visitors in hundreds. But I was in for a surprise when I found out this site of Kevin Pho. is the site that I am so excited about. It asks to subscribe via aweber. Now aweber costs money to maintain. The blog is wordpress. The theme is Thesis a premier one. And he has tens of thousands subscribers via feedburner. I wonder what his total number of visitors.

Now my friends I am reading this site as fast I am trying. I really hope that I will make my blog popular like someday. Btw his blog has been nominated the best med blog of 2008.

So hopefully I am going to stick with this idea I am signing out. And yes another thing I am changing the sites looks just to have the right combination. So please bear with me.

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Plan for my blog

For the last few days I have been thinking about my blog to make it about a particular niche. But as I am a modern doctor, the topic of my blog should be scientific. And as it has to attract a lot of visitors and readers, so I have to write interesting stuff. Now how am I going to do this? I have to dig up a niche for my blog.

So I thought about various niches. I am a doctor. So will I write about diseases and their symptoms? Then probably discuss about their present treatment modalities. Well this might be the thing I can do very well. But will there be readers? People will definitely find my blog while searching for a particular disease. They will then read about the disease that has caught their fancy at that time. But after that read will they subscribe to my story, to read about more sick conditions? Will it not be too sickening? Then how am I going to communicate with people. How am I going to be popular among the blogging community? And most importantly what will be my blog’s worth. A blog without a constant readership is almost a nonexistent blog.

So what am I gonna do? I love internet. I love wordpress blogging platform. Will I write about it? I can, but will it make justice to my identity of being a doctor? How can I become a good and popular blogger if I do not have a good blog that is true and unique? Then I thought about uniqueness. About how I can I make my blog unique as well as useful?

Hmm, I pondered for days. Blogging about how to make money is certainly farthest from being a unique concept. Writing about movies and celebrities are nothing, but copy pasting stories and gossips. But hey Perez Hilton does that. Can I not replicate those things? I gave a thought about it. But then again my question of usefulness came. Will it be useful?

Then I thought about celebrity disease conditions. Eureka, I thought. This is it; I am going to write about it. People want to learn about celebrities’ lives. I can write about their health problems. So I just made a Google search. And I came about this blog. I was delighted. Hey here is the gold mine for my stories. The site seems like an autoblog. But the number of comments tells that many people read it. So is this my goal? I read deeper. In the comment sections I found people complaing about how sick the author of the blog is, who is just trying to tell people that celebrities have these faults.

That gave me a jolt. Do I want to be famous by making fun of people? No I promised to myself. But then the thought crossed my mind that it might just be an opportunity to tell people how celebrities around the world are just people like you and me. They also suffer from being mere mortals. The twist that I can provide, being a doctor is to elaborate on what exactly they are doing to get rid of those health problems. Voila, I got my niche.

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Plasmodium knowlsei, new malaria terrorist?

We all have read about Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodiumovale and Plasmodium malarie in our Med schools. But a new Plasmodium has arisen. And this one is far more dangerous than the others. It is a zoonotic disease. That means it is found in animals. Humans are accidentally involved.

But the dangerous thing about it is its affinity and its cycle length or doubling time. Plasmodium vivax invades Young RBCs, Plasmodium mariae attacks old senescent RBCs. But this Plasmodium knowlsei  just like Plasmodium falciparum attacks RBCs of all age. Many Plasmodiumspecies have 48 hour cycle length. But this species has a 24 hour cycle length. So it divides twice as fast and attacks RBCs of every age. So this is the species we have to look out for in near future.

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Relevance and Acceptance of Artemisinin Combined Therapy against Malaria in Orissa, India

Today I went to IMA House for a talk. It started 3 days back. Ipca a large pharmaceutical company of India invited specialists in Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynaecology and General practitioners of Orissa to IMA house at Cuttack for a talk on Atremisinin and Malaria. I got the invitation too. The event was on May 4th 2009. Some Peter J. Weina from US was going to give the talk. Now that was funny.

A single physician in India treats more malaria cases in a year than the total number of malaria cases in any US state. Well the talk turned out to be even more funny. The US FDA has yet not cleared Artesunate. This drug has been saving lives for thousand years in China. We in India have been using it for quite some year now. And here comes a pharmacologist from US who says we need to use artesunate. Come on give me a break. We already are using it.
So what is the point? Well the point was there of course. WHO has recently published a paper regarding ACT. Artemisinin Combined Therapy, according to WHO is the way to go in combating Malaria in near future. So in order to create awareness about the combined blister packages of ACT, Ipca has arranged these talks by Peter J. Weina. So at the end of the talk, we got the message of use of combined therapy of Artemisinins, but the question still remained. In Orissa and in India no resistance has developed against Artesunate. So is it justified to give so much burden to th patient to bear the extra cost of combined therapy?

So at the end of the day, we knew the guideline by WHO. But as doctors we might think otherwise as we have to do what is best for the patient.

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