Jett, son of John Travolta died of seizure

This is a sad story. But Jett Travolta died in Bahama on 6th january 2009. His autposy was conducted in Bahamas. Previously various internet was flooded with news about death of Jett was due to a head injury. For which some were also accusing Travolta senior. Though the coroner’s original report is not out, but the leaked info confirms the death due to seizure disorder.

Some might not be aware that a seizure can kill, but the simple answer is yes it can. Apart from the fact that in seizure the young boy could have banged his head to wall or floor, which could have caused the head injury. This could easily lead to death from head injury. But the coroner’s report has to state both the immediate as well as compounding reason of death, which is in this case a seizure.

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