Voting in Odisha 2014 last phase

Indian elections are over for Odisha. This year Odisha has to choose not only the MPs but also the MLAs.  The Naveen Pattnaik govt is fighting for the 4 th term. Today in the morning I casted my vote in the nearby polling booth. In morning there were long queues in front of booths.  This time it was clear that Election Commission of India was trying to conduct a fair election.
Number one point that the EC has done was voters were supplied their booth  number and serial numbers instead of political parties. That is a very good move. The EVMs were inside cardboard covered booths. Last time these coverings were made from almost rag clothes or sarees. This time each of the booth coverings had tricolor with election commission logo in them. It was definitely a welcome relief.

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Bogus Examinees in AIIMS July 2011 Examination

Many repeated questions, many ineligible examinees make this AIIMS PG for MD/MS/Mch(6 years) difficult ever.


What I do not understand is why AIIMS  does not take any action on bogus examinees. Every year thousands of 3rd year, 4th year and final year students  apply giving false information. But no action is taken against any of them. This examination is strictly for doctors who are doing their internship or who have completed it. Anybody other than this is violating the rules.

These violators who are very good students are taking this risk, because they want to get PG in the very first chance. And this examination will serve as a practice paper.

Now this gives a sense of disregard towards rules to the new would be doctors and the price is borne by the nation to which these small miscreants flood.

Absence from duty, misbehavior towards  poor patients and private practicing while drawing NPA (Non Practicing Allowance) are just the result of greed and sense of disrespect towards law and rules. It is needless to say that if rules should be enforced, irregularity in future services will be curbed to a lot of extent.

As the readers of this blog know that I am yet to get into PG so this article might get some serious backlashing from the doctor community of India.  But then hey, this is my blog

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TATA NANO – The BIG problem

I have a TATA NANO Lx. My first car.
There is a BIG I mean a really BIG problem with the car.

And all the bad review and all the bad comments in the Internet are because of THAT particular thing.
Believe it or not if THAT particular point is taken care for,
then the small car will be O.K.

But Mr Ratan Tata has to understand the MOST IMPORTANT Point.

He should not hurt the feeling of people who have burnt a hole in their pockets by buying a Maruti 800 or Alto.
This can never be tolerated.
WHY did you do this BIG mistake?

You Should Have Made the price Rs 3 lakhs or USD6500 minimum for the base model.

Then no one would have been so much foul mouthing about an ECONOMICAL city car.

The LESS price is difficult to digest. Media is all over it. Take the example of NANO in New Delhi that caught fire.

Read the following lines carefully.

The sky blue Nano bought by SC advocate Ravinder Narayan in May, had done 34,000km and was serviced once.

According to the Owner’s manual First Engine oil should be changed in 10,000 kms or 1 year at 3rd service. So engine oil should have been changed atleast 3 times. But the car has been serviced only once, which can be considered the FIRST one after 500 kms or 1 month. In this reagrd it beats me how the NANO is able to run without engine oil for 24,000 kms? If it did manage that then It proves how robustly it has been built.

I have never seen an owner (I mean buyer not his nephew) of a Mercedes or BMW criticizing NANO.
Only the owners of Maruti 800 and Alto and yeah the great second hand owners of slightly costlier cars complain about NANO.

I have seen children smiling and recognizing NANO wherever I go.
I am a normal person who wanted a sheltered all season vehicle for transport within my city limit and occasional tour to my village, at an affordable price.

Still people who bought cars that do not even have standard fog lamps ask me if I have ABS and airbags when they think they can silence me when I brag about having alloy wheels and music system with integrated telephone receiving capability as advertised in Ford Figo and Fiat Punto. These are available in the TATA accessory.

  • I am happy to see Heads of school children turn in acknowledgement when the see my NANO.
  • I am Happy to have a roof in Rain.
  • I am Happy NANO made me a minor celebrity in my small town as heads turned whenever my little car moved anywhere.
  • I am Happy I am not soaked in rain or scorched in heat when I am in My NANO.
  • I am HAPPY when my co-passenger can stretch her/his legs(Try that on any, yeah any big or small car) fully.
  • I am HAPPY to have the car with best mileage
  • I am NOT SCARED when somebody says NANO will catch fire. Not because I am in Denial. It is just because it has already paid itself over.

The flaunt value of NANO is more than any BMW, Mercedes or AUDI for the common people India.

And THAT is your BIG MISTAKE Mr Ratan Tata.

For which I a common Indian salutes you and Thanks you.

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