Terminology in Human Anatomy – introductory class

Today I took the FIRST lecture class for the newly joined MBBS batch of students in Kalinga Insitute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar. The class started sharp at 8.00 AM. Good thing was all were in the class room sparing 3 students who came in late.
I started with by describing why anatomy is essential. It was necessary to kill an attacking animal as well as defend oneself from the predators. Hence knowledge of vital organs were a necessity for bare minimum survival. When we understood how to break apart, then we identifed the important parts, which led to understanding of their process and thus led to the knoweledge of biology.
Mere survival information `paved the way for repairing the human body and became the cornerstone of medical science.
Learning anatomy is more like starting to read a map. You have to be oriented. So came the terms.


Superior/Cephalic and Inferior/Caudal. Cephalic and caudal are used for trunk and describing the embryo and the fetus. Anterior/Ventral and Posterior/Dorsal are used for describing front and back respectively. Medial and Lateral are used to describe the relative position of a structure relative to median plane.

Median plane is the imaginary plane that divides the human body in to two apparently equal halves. Sagittal plane is any plane that is parallel to median plane. Horizontal/Transverse plane is a plane that cuts the body being parallel to ground.

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