Happy Birthday Dr Anshuman Singh!

Dr. Anshuman Singh
Dr. Anshuman Singh

The joy of Independence Day of India is increased when we celebrate the birthday of my friend Dr. Anshuman Singh on the day when we celebrate India’s Independence Day. He is a batchmate and is now doing internship in the same Department of Surgery, SCB Medical College & Hospital as I am.

15th August is his birthday so nobody can forget his birthday as 15th August is our Independence Day too.
Dr Anshuman Singh is a Leo and a very straightforward, but gentle guy. His level of confidence always makes you feel positive. All in all he is a very nice person and I am really happy that I got a friend like him.

So Happy Birthday Anshuman. May this new year in your life bring you the PG that you are seriously trying for. By the way he wants to do his PG (specialization) in Paediatrics. So all the best to you my friend.

This is Dr. Bikash signing out.

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63rd Independence Day of My India

15th August, the Independence Day of India or Bharat. We once again are celebrating the day when we got our independence from the British. 15th August 1947, we have come a long way, but most importantly we as Indians have changed the image of the new India in the eyes of other people. Well not entirely, but yeah to some extent.

Independence day of India
Independence day of India

But then government of India has set up a website for the Independece Day. One can view the Hon’ble President Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil’s Address to nation. Though you need Real Player installed to see the video. I think it would have been better if flash player or a simple youtube redirect sould have been done. Learn about Why My India Is My Pride.

This independence day is celebrated amongst the dark shadow of Swine Flu gripping India.  24 people are already declared dead and there is news of a lady doctor from AIIMS suspected of having swine flu.  India is now facing challenges graver than the racism of some Australians. The problem of disease and discrimination is as big a threat as terrorism that we are facing today.

The only solution that anyone can suggest is to work together rather than to get divided in the name of religion, cast or economy. We as human beings have enemies called diseases. Let us remember that Swine Flu is not going to spare you if you belong to a certain religion or continent or a particular skin color.

So why fight? Let us become free. Live free so we can die free.

Have a Good Day

Dr Bikash

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When doctors get swine flu

It seems that none is immune to H1N1 aka swine flu. Though we know this, but at times we find this
as an irony. Swine flu has made its presence well felt after the death of Rida Shaikh in Pune. Till 6th August Govt. of India estimates the number affected people to be 558.
To make matters more frightening a lady doctor from Sola civil hospital in Gujrat, who was on airport screening duty has got the flu inspite of the protecting measures that a screening personel takes. This part is of intrest. It indicates either the safety mask and other measures like hand washing, protective clothings might not have been adequate or they were not properly used. In either way it proves the high communicability of the disease. It also shows how vulnerable the people of healthcare can be when they are not accustomed to epidemics of such proportions where the margin of error is so less and the cost can be very high.The lady doctor has been in isolation since. Her blood samples were sent to National Centre for Disease control in Pune, Maharastra.
When we talk about quarantine and isolation, many people simply do not like the idea. But then it has to be done. For that reason the state of Maharastra has invoked the epidemic Act in Pune and Satara District of Maharastra. The Act enables the govt. to forcibly put the victims/patients under quarantine in government hospitals. So hoping for the best amidst the story of resistance among H1N1 strain, here I remain.

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