Last Day of Internship

I have been doing my duties in the General Medicine wards for the last 2 months. So I got virtually no time to write. But then The Last Day of my internship has just come on today i.e 23rd October 2009.

Last Day
Last Day

So before going to the last day of my duty I thought just to write  something about it. The road ahead seems most important now. The PG examinations are the main hurdle. With some sincere work done in the last 2 months I have neglected my PG preparations very sincerely. In the mean time the world has marched ahead. Well it is nothing like I have not got anything or learned anything. I have learned a lot, but the problem is that they can do no good for the Pre-Post Graduate Examinations.

Well then we had our get together and our magazine Galaxy is coming out in a few days.

So it seems my Happy Days are over. But then I will rememebr them and cherish them as long as I live. They have taught me some of my basics.

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When doctors get swine flu

It seems that none is immune to H1N1 aka swine flu. Though we know this, but at times we find this
as an irony. Swine flu has made its presence well felt after the death of Rida Shaikh in Pune. Till 6th August Govt. of India estimates the number affected people to be 558.
To make matters more frightening a lady doctor from Sola civil hospital in Gujrat, who was on airport screening duty has got the flu inspite of the protecting measures that a screening personel takes. This part is of intrest. It indicates either the safety mask and other measures like hand washing, protective clothings might not have been adequate or they were not properly used. In either way it proves the high communicability of the disease. It also shows how vulnerable the people of healthcare can be when they are not accustomed to epidemics of such proportions where the margin of error is so less and the cost can be very high.The lady doctor has been in isolation since. Her blood samples were sent to National Centre for Disease control in Pune, Maharastra.
When we talk about quarantine and isolation, many people simply do not like the idea. But then it has to be done. For that reason the state of Maharastra has invoked the epidemic Act in Pune and Satara District of Maharastra. The Act enables the govt. to forcibly put the victims/patients under quarantine in government hospitals. So hoping for the best amidst the story of resistance among H1N1 strain, here I remain.

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Plan for my blog

For the last few days I have been thinking about my blog to make it about a particular niche. But as I am a modern doctor, the topic of my blog should be scientific. And as it has to attract a lot of visitors and readers, so I have to write interesting stuff. Now how am I going to do this? I have to dig up a niche for my blog.

So I thought about various niches. I am a doctor. So will I write about diseases and their symptoms? Then probably discuss about their present treatment modalities. Well this might be the thing I can do very well. But will there be readers? People will definitely find my blog while searching for a particular disease. They will then read about the disease that has caught their fancy at that time. But after that read will they subscribe to my story, to read about more sick conditions? Will it not be too sickening? Then how am I going to communicate with people. How am I going to be popular among the blogging community? And most importantly what will be my blog’s worth. A blog without a constant readership is almost a nonexistent blog.

So what am I gonna do? I love internet. I love wordpress blogging platform. Will I write about it? I can, but will it make justice to my identity of being a doctor? How can I become a good and popular blogger if I do not have a good blog that is true and unique? Then I thought about uniqueness. About how I can I make my blog unique as well as useful?

Hmm, I pondered for days. Blogging about how to make money is certainly farthest from being a unique concept. Writing about movies and celebrities are nothing, but copy pasting stories and gossips. But hey Perez Hilton does that. Can I not replicate those things? I gave a thought about it. But then again my question of usefulness came. Will it be useful?

Then I thought about celebrity disease conditions. Eureka, I thought. This is it; I am going to write about it. People want to learn about celebrities’ lives. I can write about their health problems. So I just made a Google search. And I came about this blog. I was delighted. Hey here is the gold mine for my stories. The site seems like an autoblog. But the number of comments tells that many people read it. So is this my goal? I read deeper. In the comment sections I found people complaing about how sick the author of the blog is, who is just trying to tell people that celebrities have these faults.

That gave me a jolt. Do I want to be famous by making fun of people? No I promised to myself. But then the thought crossed my mind that it might just be an opportunity to tell people how celebrities around the world are just people like you and me. They also suffer from being mere mortals. The twist that I can provide, being a doctor is to elaborate on what exactly they are doing to get rid of those health problems. Voila, I got my niche.

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Plasmodium knowlsei, new malaria terrorist?

We all have read about Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodiumovale and Plasmodium malarie in our Med schools. But a new Plasmodium has arisen. And this one is far more dangerous than the others. It is a zoonotic disease. That means it is found in animals. Humans are accidentally involved.

But the dangerous thing about it is its affinity and its cycle length or doubling time. Plasmodium vivax invades Young RBCs, Plasmodium mariae attacks old senescent RBCs. But this Plasmodium knowlsei  just like Plasmodium falciparum attacks RBCs of all age. Many Plasmodiumspecies have 48 hour cycle length. But this species has a 24 hour cycle length. So it divides twice as fast and attacks RBCs of every age. So this is the species we have to look out for in near future.

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Sorry for my absence

Hello readers. I beg your pardon for not updating this website. I have been busy lately. Between my last post and today’s post there has been a lot of developments which I think I am going to describe you now. One of our classmates got married in Bhubaneswar and another in Bouda. And in between these two marriages we doctors held a strike for increment of stipend. To my delight we increased the stipend to Rs 8600 from a mere Rs 5000. This increased stipend is highest in the whole country. I along with other delegates from our hospital went to the Finance Minister of Orissa Mr Prafulla Ghadei. He gave us assurance that our demands were going to be fulfilled as soon as possible.

In the meantime as I have told already in this blog that I along with my friends have opened a new website. This new website is far from being complete. It has had hardly any articles or any content. At times I think it is a better idea to sell it. Then at other times I am thinking about developing the website and delve into this niche. So for some days I am confused and I do believe that for some time to come I’m going to remain as confused as I am today.

Earlier this week I became the mediator in a marriage. Well actually the marriage has not occurred yet. But the tentative date has been finalised. The date is 11 June 2009. The day is a Thursday.

Well here I am signing out.

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