Single All India entrance test for PG and MBBS from 2011

Today It is decided.

The original article is in Times of India 14th August 2010 that is today.Students all o over India in one session will either get through or wait for another year to get into medical PG or MBBS. It is definitely going t decrease monetary burden of writing different  exams, but problems and questions are still remaining.

Forums across the country are burning with this story and comments like the following are cropping up.

if it s once a year…

it will be quite bad on a medico…

….whole year…..

….or years of preps…..

on once a year exam for all colleges…

if those 3 hrs go wrong…TRY next year…!!!

People have serious and genuine concern over the late announcement and unclear decision and hasty implementation, which could bring about lawsuits all over the country.

Yeah its confirmed now……it may cause big big harm to some state student like andhra,,,,who hv never know ai pattern n nevr prepared for it….,,,,also why only 11k seats all over india,,,,shudnt it be more…..
Changing pattern @ just 3 mnths before may disturb the students…..

I have unidentified sources claiming that a plan has  already been laid out for the implementation of the Supreme Court Ruling. Which in summary goes as follows( I do not make any claim of it being totally correct so do not blame me) :

In the briefing to the Ministry by the Board of the Governors of the MCI, following considerations and points were made:-
– Exam to be a little later than January for this session
– Two ranks for each candidate (one national and one state)
– Reservations on Central and State quota to remain as they are (MCI doesn’t have any power pertaining to reservation and nor can a decision regarding it be taken by the Ministry of Health, it comes under the purview of HRD ministry and special powers of the PM)
– Management quota in private colleges to remain but will have to be filled up only on the basis of a CET based merit list (no additional tests and interviews allowed)
– Students will need to apply to private and autonomous colleges separately and then each college will publish a merit list of applicants based on marks obtained in CET
– Exploring the options and possibilities of other potential examining bodies besides AIIMS

Still it is early before the matter materializes. Till then we can hope, everything goes well.

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Happy Independence Day Pakistan

Happy Independence Day Pakistan and its people. May this day marks the beginning of a happy and prosperous co-habitation with all of your neighbors, well that includes India. As an India I do hope the situation and condition between India and Pakistan should improve and instead of fighting each other both countries should fight poverty and illiteracy. I am not advocating about fighting terrorism, simply because I believe, the main problem in the region is education and economy.

Education, Empowerment, Enlightenment
Education, Empowerment, Enlightenment

If the condition of education and economy is made better or at par with developed nations, then the huge manpower of the two nations can be utilized to bring peace and prosperity to the region.

May this crucial day bring thoughts about knowing the priorities and implementing the required measures to act in cohesion so that both countries become stronger. Needles to remind, but Together we stand and divided we fall is just what might happen, if early interventions are not taken by the youth. Let the decisions be not taken by people who have  agendas other than improvement, development and prosperity.

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Happy Birthday Tamas Das

Hi Dr Tamas, Happy Birthday.

Dr Tamas Das
Dr Tamas Das

Well Dr Tamas is undoubtedly the coolest guy I have ever met. He is an amazing person with a lot of extracurricular potential. I learned a lot from you Tami. Wishing you a happy birthday I remain.

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Marks of AIIMS July 2010 declared

The marks of AIIMS July 2010 examinations have been declared. This is displayed in You will need your Roll Number and Date of Birth to get the marks. In my opinion the marks should have been declared well before this. As the more the time passes interest fades away. So go check out your marks in there, and all the best for the coming Post Graduate Examinations.

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