I just activated akismet

I am done with all this spam stuff. Every now and then I will find spams in the order of some 553 or 324 like say every day. And guess what most of them are just simply automated comment spams.So now I have activated Akismet. Akismet is the plugin that comes preloaded with every vanilla installation of a wordpress.org blog.

For it I just went to WordPress.com , there I joined for an account. Then I found my API Key in My Profile section in the wordpress.com Dashboard.

I keyed in the API Key after activating  Akismet in my Dr Bikash.com dashboard.

20 hours after now when I am checking out my stats wow I got akismet proudly telling me that it has done away with 44 spams. That is cool, indeed.

But the sad part is I could not know if actually all the comments were spam or some of them were hams. I think I will take some time to get used to it. Till then I am happy.

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How to change the default admin username in word press blog

Whenever we custom install the word press blog software by downloading it from wordpress.org, then the username by default is admin. From the dashboard we cannot change it. So what happens is many blogs have the blog’s author as admin. This is quite a problem. It can be changed by going to the phpMyAdmin interface.

But there is very simple and unique way to change it from the dashboard itself. There is a plug-in. The plug-in needs to be uploaded just like any other plug-in to the plug-in folder in the blog. After activating the plug-in there is a separate option to change the username in the user dashboard. So first you have to upload the plug-in, then activate it, then go to the user option on the top right corner of the dashboard . Then the user option click the username change option. There you can change your username. Then update changes. In the author name box there is a drop-down menu. Click it. You can now change your author name from admin to the new username.

Now you can visit your site and see for yourself that the user names and the author names have changed to your new username. You can now deactivate the plug-in. You can also delete the plug-in from the plug-in folder.

The plug-in changes entries in the database for you without you going into the database itself. So I think it is a very good addition to your list of important plug-ins.

Download the plug-in

Click here to download directly from the maker’s site.

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