How to Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Well everybody knows what cholesterol is and what it does.To simplify matter  we all agree that it is bad for us. But is that the whole truth? If it is so then how or where is the proof? By now all of us know that there is a good cholesterol and a bad cholesterol. But the fact remains unchanged that all of us require cholesterol in one form or the other for normal maintainance of our health. For the optimum functioning and for the production of hormones like sex hormone and adrenal hormones and vitamins like D which is synthesized in our body cholesterol is essential. It helpsproduce bile acid . Atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis  and gallstones are the result of increased levels of cholesterol in  blood.

Although we have been advised to watch what we eat when we are diagnosed as having high cholesterol, some medical authorities believe that these increased levels are not necessarily due to the diet that we consume. Their theory is stress and genetics being the real culprits. Some theories advocate adding raw vegetables and fresh fruits to  diet. Some  advocate drinking lots of water might help in long run. Some studies claim that Vitamin C helps in combating dangers of high cholesterol.

Basically, balancing nutritius diet with vitamins that imitate in a way the nature’s way may possibly lead to the disappearance of high cholesterol. If left untreated then the increased levels of cholesterol  can lead to heart disease, even death due to stroke can occur.

So are we doing enough to save ourselves from the bad effects of harmful cholesterol?

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