Plasmodium knowlsei, new malaria terrorist?

We all have read about Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodiumovale and Plasmodium malarie in our Med schools. But a new Plasmodium has arisen. And this one is far more dangerous than the others. It is a zoonotic disease. That means it is found in animals. Humans are accidentally involved.

But the dangerous thing about it is its affinity and its cycle length or doubling time. Plasmodium vivax invades Young RBCs, Plasmodium mariae attacks old senescent RBCs. But this Plasmodium knowlsei  just like Plasmodium falciparum attacks RBCs of all age. Many Plasmodiumspecies have 48 hour cycle length. But this species has a 24 hour cycle length. So it divides twice as fast and attacks RBCs of every age. So this is the species we have to look out for in near future.

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